Where do you begin if you want to work with dogs?

The ISCP is the perfect starting point for your future career

If you are already working with dogs, how can you learn more?

The ISCP runs a Continuing Professional Development programme

Do you have your own dog(s) and simply want to find out more in order to give them the best possible life?

The ISCP gives you all the information you need

Do you want to feel fully supported throughout your studies?

The ISCP offers personal 1-2-1 guidance and feedback, the support of a private Facebook group, and monthly online video meetings

Taster! Do you want to have just a taste of studying with the ISCP?

Choose one unit from the first five units in the course, complete the assignment for that unit, and receive feedback from your course tutor. Find out more here


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Some of the feedback from diploma students (you can find more on the Testimonials page):

The ISCP was the only course in the country that I felt based all its training on working WITH the dog and responding to the signals she gives us. Lisa has created a course based on understanding a dog's needs above all else, which reflects the best, most progressive training in the UK.  

I enjoyed my studies with the ISCP tremendously. My assignments were returned very promptly along with encouraging or thought-provoking comments. After gaining my diploma I was accepted as an approved Victoria Stilwell Positively Trainer.

I thought I knew a lot about dog behaviour when I started the course, but thinking through the questions in the coursework and then applying the principles within each unit to my practical work with dogs made me realise how little I knew and how much I wanted to know!  

The feedback & support I received throughout was excellent, constructive & very supportive. Over the years I have undertaken many courses related to my work but have never before received such excellent support.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it opened my eyes to lots of aspects of dog training and care that I had previously been only vaguely aware of.

I felt truly motivated and inspired all through my coursework, and having this returned so swiftly, along with the lovely practical days and GoToMeetings all helped me keep my studying buoyant.

I like the flexibility of this course, and the high level of support and feedback.

I feel I have learnt a lot through this course and am learning something new every day.

I thoroughly enjoyed my studies with the ISCP. My assignments were returned very promptly, along with encouraging or thought-provoking comments. I really appreciated Lisa's personal touch and the whole ethos of her approach.

The ISCP course fills a valuable niche. It provides all the theoretical information that's needed and the coursework is straightforward, based on practical examples and personal case studies. 

Because of my ISCP diploma I have been fast-tracked for a level 3 course in canine care and management.

The volunteer group that I am involved in undertakes one to one work with some of the more challenging dogs that arrive at the centre. The ISCP is invaluable to me with this work and is providing me with the skills and knowledge I need to assist the staff and, more importantly, the dogs at the Home.

The support from Lisa and the other ISCP members is an added bonus!

This course has really opened my eyes to just how much more there is to learn! It is really practical and informative and it has taken my understanding of my own dog to a new level, as well as increasing my confidence and ability when dealing with some of the issues that my foster dogs have. 


This course was a pleasure to complete, with useful information on the latest techniques and research. The course tutor was very efficient and extremely supportive. The modules can be completed at your own pace which suited me. Highly recommended.