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Although there is some overlap in the roles of dog trainer and behaviour practitioner, the study of dog psychology and behaviour is more complex and has a broader range. It involves exploring the mind of each individual dog to gain insights into why he or she behaves in certain ways, assessing causes of unwanted behaviours, and using this understanding to help the dog and carer achieve a harmonious relationship. If you love dogs and enjoy working with the people who care for them, this is extraordinarily rewarding work. 

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Do you want to study for a career with dogs, are you already a professional and wish to further expand your knowledge, or are you simply interested in finding out more about how your dog's mind works? Are you looking for an online course that fits in with your lifestyle and gives you opportunities for practical, hands-on experience?

The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour has a reputation for excellence, with students and graduates iaround the world whose work with dogs has enriched the lives of many people and their animal companions.

During your studies you will receive unparallelled support from your tutors which continues even after your graduation; this is a bonus that very few other educational establishments offer. You'll link up with fellow students and graduates around the world who are eager to share their knowledge and skills. You will learn about the cutting edge new scientific discoveries in the field of dog behaviour and engage in your own research to explore how these can be used to develop more harmonious relationships between people and dogs.

The ISCP diploma course can be studied in full (there's also an easy 12 month payment plan available), or you can choose a Certficate course or Intermediate course. There's also a step-by-step modules option. Already qualified professionals can fast-track to their diploma by selecting specific units for Continued Professional Development.


The ISCP is proud to be a college member of both The National Register of Dog Trainers and Behaviourists, which promotes the Code of Best Practice as set out by the Companion Animal Welfare Council, and the Complementary Medical Association. Graduates are encouraged to register their individual businesses with these and with the Pet Professional Guild.  


Affiliated with Karen Prior Academy, The Whole Dog Journal and The Bark

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 Some of the feedback from diploma students (you can find more on the Testimonials page):

* "I deliberated long and hard on a course before making my choice. Once I had spoken to you there was no competition - you won hands-down. It is your ethos and compassion that makes this course different, plus you are up to date with modern ideas and theories, always questioning and researching what is new, and leaving behind what is outmoded. There is nothing else that I came across which offered such personal input and understanding." 

* "Other leading courses are not as swift at responding to emails etc., so that also becomes a part of the decision about who to study with, I think. No-one wants to feel like a number, and the ISCP doesn't feel like that at all. I feel like a valued member." 

* "The virtual/cyber atmosphere is second to none and the knowledge put together of so many interesting and amazing people is just unique. The ISCP encourages a hunger for learning and sharing information and experience through such positive support that this alone stands out from any college experiences I have encountered." 

* The ISCP was the only course that I felt based all its training on working WITH the dog and responding to the signals she gives us. Lisa has created a course based on understanding a dog's needs above all else, which reflects the best, most progressive training in the UK.  

* "The ISCP is unique because of the people and the genuine support that is offered. The diploma course has credibility and practices what it is ultimately teaching - positive approaches and the culture of continuous development."  

* I enjoyed my studies with the ISCP tremendously. My assignments were returned very promptly along with encouraging or thought-provoking comments. After gaining my diploma I was accepted as an approved Victoria Stilwell Positively Trainer.

* I thought I knew a lot about dog behaviour when I started the course, but thinking through the questions in the coursework and then applying the principles within each unit to my practical work with dogs made me realise how little I knew and how much I wanted to know!  

* The feedback & support I received throughout was excellent, constructive & very supportive. Over the years I have undertaken many courses related to my work but have never before received such excellent support.

* I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it opened my eyes to lots of aspects of dog training and care that I had previously been only vaguely aware of.

* I felt truly motivated and inspired all through my coursework, and having this returned so swiftly, along with the lovely practical days and GoToMeetings all helped me keep my studying buoyant.

* I like the flexibility of this course, and the high level of support and feedback.

* I feel I have learnt a lot through this course and am learning something new every day.

* I thoroughly enjoyed my studies with the ISCP. My assignments were returned very promptly, along with encouraging or thought-provoking comments. I really appreciated Lisa's personal touch and the whole ethos of her approach.

* The ISCP course fills a valuable niche. It provides all the theoretical information that's needed and the coursework is straightforward, based on practical examples and personal case studies. 

* Because of my ISCP diploma I have been fast-tracked for a level 3 course in canine care and management.

* The volunteer group that I am involved in undertakes one to one work with some of the more challenging dogs that arrive at the centre. The ISCP is invaluable to me with this work and is providing me with the skills and knowledge I need to assist the staff and, more importantly, the dogs at the Home.

* The support from Lisa and the other ISCP members is an added bonus!

* This course has really opened my eyes to just how much more there is to learn! It is really practical and informative and it has taken my understanding of my own dog to a new level, as well as increasing my confidence and ability when dealing with some of the issues that my foster dogs have. 

* This course was a pleasure to complete, with useful information on the latest techniques and research. The course tutor was very efficient and extremely supportive. The modules can be completed at your own pace which suited me. Highly recommended.