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ISCP members are expected to uphold our stringent force-free, fear-free ethos with dogs and with clients and fellow professionals. Each member is required to sign our charter to promise that they will adhere to our ethos.

  • I agree to uphold the ethics of the ISCP at all times

  • I agree to treat all clients and their dogs with respect, compassion and understanding

  • I agree to use only force-free, fear-free methods in my work with dogs

  • I agree to seek advice from my tutor or the principal of the ISCP if I am unsure of which recommendations to offer

  • I agree to maintain client confidentiality

  • I agree to be respectful of other professionals both within and outside the ISCP

  • I understand that if I bring the name of the ISCP into disrepute, my membership will be withdrawn and my qualifications rescinded

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