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Terms & Conditions

Code Of Conduct

All members of the ISCP are expected to be respectful in their communications and dealings with other ISCP members and with clients, both online and in person. Any rudeness or hostility expressed towards others on any ISCP platform will lead to the expulsion of the perpetrator from that platform if it continues after one warning.

The reputation of the ISCP hinges on its members and on its championship of ‘positive’, force-free methods. Please adhere to this. Any ISCP member who is found to have used methods involving force or the infliction of pain or trauma will be expelled and their diploma invalidated.

Be encouraging and kind to clients, use positive reinforcement with the people as well as dogs, and avoid any temptation to be judgemental or critical during consultations, even if you strongly disagree with methods they are currently using. A client who feels judged will be less likely to want to cooperate with setting a new regime in place.


All intellectual property rights and copyright relating to the course materials are owned by The ISCP. As all ISCP courses are protected under copyright and Intellectual Property laws, course files cannot be used or photocopied for any purpose other than for personal study, and must not be shared with others.


Tutors are responsible for reporting complaints to the principal on the day of the complaint.

The secretary/duty principal is responsible for the management of the complaints process and informing the relevant staff of any feedback received.


It is our policy to enable tutors, students, graduates, and affiliates to provide feedback or raise a concern about any aspect of our service or the operation of our establishment or facilities. Everyone in the ISCP is accountable to the same code of ethics.

Concerns received by the ISCP are seen as an opportunity for improvement. All feedback is taken seriously.

We will make all reasonable efforts to understand issues or concerns, and to resolve concerns within the service when they arise.

The timely and efficient management of concerns fosters a positive, cooperative attitude with tutors, students, graduates, and affiliates.

Concerns will be addressed promptly with the aim of providing a formal response within 48 working hours. We will communicate with you openly and regularly while we work to resolve your concern. The complainant will be actively involved in resolving the issue. Once a resolution has been reached, we will talk with you to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome of your concern.

If you are not happy with the outcome of your concern, you can appeal our decision. We can also assist you in accessing external complaint resolution mechanisms.

Concerns must be lodged in writing. This will assist with understanding the nature of the concern and ensure that the facts provided are correct.

Should someone give a verbal complaint, they should be asked to put their concern in writing to the secretary via to facilitate the tracking of feedback by the service provider.

Concerns procedure

The complainant must put their concern in writing to the secretary via in the first instance, including evidence that supports the concern. Concerns will be acknowledged on receipt, with a time frame of 14 days from receipt to resolution where possible.

The Directors will investigate the concern thoroughly and may ask for additional information if this is required. If necessary any tutors concerned in the concern will be asked to provide information.

A decision will be made within 14 days and the complainant informed of this in writing.


Should the complainant disagree with the decision, they have the right to right to appeal and this should be in writing via

The Directors will consider the appeal and make a decision, informing the complainant within 14 days from the date of appeal.


  • All information regarding complaints will be kept confidential amongst the staff concerned with its resolution.

  • Complaint documentation will be kept in a safe, locked place and accessible only to staff handling the complaint.

  • Complaint information will be included as part of ongoing improvement activities within the service.

  • Statistics on all types of compliments and complaints will be recorded and used to inform ongoing improvement activities within the service. For this purpose, complaint information may be disseminated to other staff. However, the identity of the complainant or persons named in the feedback will not be disclosed.

Terms of Sale

Our terms of sale are to supply you with the course you have ordered. We reserve the right to reject any order, and no order submitted by you shall be considered to be accepted by us unless and until we have confirmed this by email.

Requests for Course Transfers 

We are unable to arrange transfers of this kind because the course files that you have received are sent out digitally and cannot be returned. As all ISCP courses are protected under copyright and Intellectual Property laws, course files cannot be used or photocopied for any purpose other than for personal study, and must not be shared with others. We reserve the right to refuse to transfer any ISCP course from one student to another student. However, in some cases we may make an exception to this, at our discretion.  

Course Refunds

Students are sent the course files on enrolment and, once these have been received, we cannot issue a refund because the course materials are sent digitally and cannot be retrieved. However, you can opt to have a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period on enrolment. If you decide to have this, you will need to inform us by email to as soon as you enrol so that we can wait for 14 days before sending your course files.

Course Deadlines

Each ISCP course has a specified number of expected hours of study and deadline/completion date, as is included in the individual course information.

Completion Date Extensions

Each ISCP course has a completion date. However, if a student is unable to meet the course deadline, we are able to offer an extension. This costs £80 for 6 months.

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