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Dog in Nature

Rescues, Charities and Vet Staff discounts

The ISCP offer a range of discounts on many of our courses to those who are involved with dog rescues, charities that include dogs in their work, and veterinarians and vet staff, and we are the only education provider to offer a 50% discount on the Diploma in Canine Behaviour course for people working and volunteering in this field.

Why We Offer Discounts

We offer these discounts because we are dedicated to helping all dogs and caregivers, and especially those who are vulnerable. We have found that the rehoming of rescue dogs has been more successful due to this programme, with fewer dogs bouncing back into rescue after adoption. This is because our rescue students are encouraged to share what they have learned with their team members in the rescue, so that assessments are more accurate and behaviour modification methods are uniformly force-free and reward-based.

Charities, such as those concerned with animal assisted therapy, guide dogs, veteran support, and others, have found it beneficial for both their clients and the dogs in their care to incorporate our compassionate ethos in their training methods. This helps to facilitate stronger, more affectionate and rewarding human-canine bonds for both the clients and dogs.

Veterinarians and vet staff are often not given sufficient information in dog behaviour, interpreting body language, and safe handling during their medical studies. Therefore, many dogs find vet visits stressful, and their discomfort or fear can impact on the veterinary team. We include vet staff in our discount programme so that more dogs are able to experience vet visits as a positive experience.

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