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Welcome to The ISCP. Our mission is to create ethical dog trainers and improve dog welfare.

Now more than ever, it is crucial that proper training techniques are used when looking after dogs. Unethical or incorrect approaches can lead to an animal’s behaviour becoming far worse, causing suffering for both them and their owner.

That’s where The ISCP comes in! We offer a range of online courses designed to educate emerging canine practitioners and promote best practice standards within the industry. Our topics cover everything from body language training & prevention of common behavioural issues through to advanced canine behaviour and aggressive responses.

These courses create highly competent professionals who focus on achieving results with kindness and respect, thus furthering the cause of animal welfare in general.Ultimately, The ISCP wants effective canine practitioners all over the world who understand how important it is for animals to be treated with care at all times; people who take seriously their responsibility towards a species so deeply intertwined with our own lives!

So if you are thinking about becoming a professional dog trainer please consider taking one of our courses - help us make sure that we maintain high ethical standards across this sector! And don't forget to spread the word about what we're doing here too - every voice counts in helping us achieve our goal of improving global dog welfare!

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