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ISCP Online Dog Behaviour Courses

So you want to work with dogs but don't know where to start?

Perhaps you are returning to study or on a career change?

Maybe you have always wanted to work with dogs but lacked self-belief?

You're in the right place.

The free dog walking course is the perfect starting point if you're thinking of a career working professionally with dogs. It covers the basics of dog walking and an introduction to canine behaviour, law and welfare. The best thing is, it's absolutely free.

The free dog walking course is also risk free, and pressure free. You have absolutely nothing to lose by joining it.

If you love it and want to progress can move on to the ISCP Diploma in Professional Dog Training which provides the knowledge and skills needed to become a certified Dog Training Instructor accredited by iPet network. It is 200 hours long and upon completion, you can apply for the Practicing Dog Training Instructor examination with the National Institute for Canine Ethics. Welcome to the world of dog geekdom and there's no looking back from here.

The next step is our Canine Behaviour Diploma which covers various behavioural issues and how to manage them. The ISCP Canine Behaviour Diploma is an iPet Network accredited course providing comprehensive training for dog behaviour consultants. It includes a 350-page PDF course book, online delivery, supplementary materials produced by our founder, and access to all webinars. Discounts are available for rescue organisations and veterinary professionals.

The highest level is the Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma which covers advanced techniques for understanding and managing canine behaviour.The ISCP Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour is a degree-level course offering 370+ hours of study to bring learners up to date on the latest scientific research on dogs, with access to private discussions with experts and recordings.

Prerequisite for each level is to have studied the level below with The ISCP or equivalent with a different ethical course provider. When you sign up for any of the above courses and through the duration of your study period you have access to the ISCP Professional Subscription, all live webinars and all recordings of previous ones. Graduates and non- students can also sign up for the ISCP Professional Subscription but on a paid basis.

We only teach science based, dog empathetic methods at the ISCP and we teach our human students with positive reinforcement too.

No matter what level you're at there's an online dog behaviour course for you here at The ISCP. If you have any questions just get in touch with us now - or we will see you on the inside.

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1 Comment

I would love to know if I get a certificate for completing the walking course and (hopefully) how it is obtained. I have emailed and as of yet had no response!

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