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Dogs Need Guardians and Friends (not bosses)

It's seriously time to put an end to the age-old myth that dogs need to know you're the boss in order to behave properly. While this notion may have stemmed from outdated ideas of dominance theory, our understanding of canine behaviour has evolved significantly. Dogs are domesticated animals who rely on us as their responsible guardians and friends, rather than authoritarian figures. Instead of establishing dominance, we should focus on building a strong bond with our furry companions, helping them understand and navigate the world they live in.

The concept of a boss implies a hierarchical relationship where one party must dominate the other. However, this perspective fails to acknowledge the true nature of dogs. As social animals, dogs thrive on cooperation, trust, and positive reinforcement. They seek guidance from their human companions, not to submit to an alpha figure, but to feel secure and supported. By assuming the role of a responsible guardian, we can create an environment that promotes mutual respect and allows our dogs to flourish whilst understanding through positive reinforcement how to "behave" and stay safe.

Being a canine guardian means recognising that our dogs have their own unique needs, fears, and desires. It involves providing them with proper guidance, mental stimulation, physical activity and enrichment, as well as meeting their emotional requirements. By nurturing a bond built on kindness, patience, and understanding, we can help our dogs develop into well rounded individuals who are confident and happy. So, let's discard the notion of being the boss and embrace our roles as compassionate guardians and trusted friends to our canine companions



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