Choosing a Dog Trainer

You need help with your dog and are looking for an expert?

You want to understand your dog better so have decided to call in a dog trainer?

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Sadly, dog trainers are not all brilliant, and some are not even good. So how can you find a good one and step into your new and improved life with your precious dog?

Watch the Dogs

If someone is offering videos of them teaching dogs – watch the dogs. Dogs who are happy, enthusiastic playful and enjoying themselves will show an ethical dog trainer who is teaching with real skill. Canine body language will tell you everything you need to know. Cowed dogs have dropped tails and show body language, which is slow, deliberate, and likely don’t feel safe.

This dog has ears pulled back and facial tension = worried.

Cowed and careful, furrowed brow = worried.

(Muzzles don't make a dog look like that if they are introduced with care and positive reinforcement)

Having a happy free time = relaxed.

Happy and interested, dancing along = positive emotion.

Trusting and smiling up at the person they are with.

Watch the Trainers

If someone is happy to put themselves online while yanking a dog, we have to ask what they do on the videos which don’t get online and what they do behind closed doors. What is the dog wearing? How do they treat the dogs? Do they pull at the dog’s neck or look frustrated with that dog? Do they set the dog up to carry out a behaviour so they can video themselves punishing the dog for doing it?