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ISCP L3 Award in Dog Behaviour, Welfare and Training

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Gain the knowledge and skills to become a certified dog trainer with the ISCP Award in Dog Welfare and Ethical Training. This comprehensive and interactive course will give you the understanding of canine behaviour and the principles of dog training, as well as the importance of ethical, humane and compassionate approaches to dog care and welfare. Suitable for guardians and budding trainers, you will gain the knowledge to assess individual dogs' needs, develop humane and effective strategies to teach dogs, and offer quality and ethical dog-care services. The Award is fully accredited professional development with iPet Network. You can complete this award in as little as 30 hours and you will never look at dogs in the same way again. Don’t miss out – enrol in the ISCP Award in Dog Welfare and Ethical Training today! The time frame for completion of this course is 2 years.



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