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ISCP Certificate in Advanced Canine Body Language

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Are you looking to deepen your understanding of canine body language? Do you live or work with dogs and want to be able to better comprehend their behaviour? Then our online certified advanced canine body language course is just what you need! This iPet Network accredited 80-hour course is essential learning for anyone who works or lives with dogs and includes a free illustrated ebook to get you up to speed with basic body language, if you need a refresher before you start on the more advanced science. You’ll learn the signs of fear, pain, stress and when a dog is asking for space, as well as meta-signals and the differences between ritualised behaviour and aggression. Plus, you’ll have free access to our professional subscription service for the duration of the course, where you’ll get access to all of the ISCP webinars, self-study courses and past recordings. Pay in full or via a payment plan – whatever suits you best. So, join us today and develop a deeper understanding of canine body language! The time frame for completion of this course is 2 years.



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