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ISCP L3 Diploma in Dog Handling for Professionals

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Do you want to handle dogs without making them tense and worried? Are you looking for an online program that directly links dog handling and welfare? Do you want to take the force out of necessary dog handling? The ISCP compassionate and safe dog handling program is designed for anyone who needs to get hands-on with a dog in a situation that may be stressful for the dog and potentially difficult for the handler. The program will teach you safe and empathic handling methods, whilst improving your understanding of canine communication. The course is suitable for animal therapists including – chiropractors, physiotherapist, massage therapists, Reiki and energy healers, Tellington TTouch practitioners. This course is also suitable for veterinarians and vet nurses, therapists, groomers, behaviourists, caretakers, rescue workers, caretakers, and everyone who wishes to find out more about how to handle dogs safely in any environment whilst enabling them to feel relaxed and comfortable. The time frame for completion of this course is 2 years. See below for an overview of the contents of this comprehensive online, dog handling diploma program.



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