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ISCP L3 Certificate in Assistance Dog Training

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Are you considering a career in assistance dog training? Then our course is just what you need! Our certificate course is an ideal introduction to the world of assistance dog training, whether you're planning to work as a volunteer or a paid employee. This course is perfect for anyone who's considering a career in this field. We have a strong focus on animal welfare in the working partnership, which is reflected in our course content. We believe that it's essential to prioritise the wellbeing of these remarkable animals, and our course reflects this commitment. By completing this certificate course, you'll be well-prepared for any job interviews you may have in the field. You'll have a good understanding of what it takes to be an assistance dog trainer, and you'll be able to speak confidently about your knowledge and skills. Furthermore, this course is an excellent opportunity to continue your professional development. You'll be able to learn from experienced assistance dog trainers and enhance your skills in a supportive environment. If you're interested in a career in assistance dog training, our certificate course is an excellent starting point. Enrol today and take the first step towards a fulfilling career working with animals! You get the ISCP professional subscription with this course plus access to our supportive and fun Facebook group. This is also a perfect partner course to our Canine Care, Welfare and Training Award. The time frame for completion of this course is 2 years.



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