An explanation of the 2014 changes to the Dog Law.

For information about how this can affect you and your dog, please watch the following slide show, created by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma and Theo Stewart.


Our main purpose is for professionals and groups to use the presentation to give talks – to inform rather than to scaremonger – and to help people with solutions.

The talks could be social with a break for tea/coffee, and a Q & A discussion section at the end if people so wish.

If you are a professional and would like to receive the working version to use for your own presentation, please contact Lisa at 

or Theo at

Here is the link for anybody who would like to include the presentation on their own website.


Whilst being accurate in what we say, we don’t intend to delve deeply into the law, but to look at the possible implications to dog owners.
If using the presentation for talks, and so that you have answers to questions, we suggest that you print off this government DEFRA document,

Annex A, the section which lists the possible scenarios – Page 9: Dealing with irresponsible dog ownership: Practitioner’s manual – Annexes A – D and also refer to the DEFRA manuals Dealing with irresponsible dog ownership: Practitioner’s manual

Dog Law