The International School
For Canine Psychology

Why Choose The ISCP?

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The ISCP is considered one of the top distance learning education providers and is accredited by several global bodies.


We educate students of canine behaviour in the most up-to-date scientific methods, and we teach purely force-free methods for dog rehabilitation and training. Webinars, seminars, talks and workshops aim to increase your understanding and provide opportunities for face-to-face question and answer sessions.


Some of our courses are also available as single module courses, and all are based on discoveries made through the latest scientific research and our team members' extensive experience of successfully working with many dogs from all breeds and backgrounds.

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Meet The Team

You can meet the principals, tutors and support team behind The ISCP here.

Our Charter

ISCP members are expected to uphold our stringent force-free, fear-free ethos with dogs and with clients and fellow professionals. Click below to read more about our charter.

ISCP Alumni are members of the ISCP Association of Canine Professionals (ISCPACP), the accrediting arm of the ISCP created to ensure our members’ high standards.


Read the ISCP transparency statement regarding our Philosophy, Methodology, Practices and Equipment.
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Find a Practitioner

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These dog behaviour consultants are graduates of the ISCP who are working professionally with dogs and their caregivers, and with rescues and animal charities. All ISCP practitioners are skilled in the science and psychology of dog behaviour and use only ‘positive’, force-free methods.


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